Horace Gordon Cox
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  Portrait of HG Cox

Horace Gordon Cox was an accomplished Pictorialist Photographer of his time and exhibited three times at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the 1930's. His photos were accepted and hung in well known salons in England, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Canada, United States, India and Japan. Cox was recognized in England by winning the British Colonial Salon Medal two years running in 1939 and 1940. He was also awarded the Silver Plaque in 1937 from the International Exhibition of Photography in Lucknow, India. The Vancouver Province Newspaper clipping of the time described Cox as "one of Canada’s foremost exponents of the art of the lens, whose work has been highly commended at exhibitions all over the world."1 Attaining recognition, Cox continued to expand his endeavours by giving lectures, teaching photography at night and judging salons.

1. Sunday Province, Vancouver, April 2, 1933 by Reta W. Myers

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